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Amended Form 16A

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Format of Form 16A , TDS certificate in respect of other than salary payments has been amended vide Notification No 41/2010 Dated 31-05-2010. The changes are described in detail in the following paragraphs


  • The amended form is to be given only for TDS deduction made on or after 01-04-2010.
  • Since Form 16A is quarterly, first amended form has to be issued by 30th July.

Form 16A must contain

  • Valid TAN of deductor
  • Valid PAN of deductee : This implies that a deductee not submitting valid PAN cannot be issued Form 16A
  • Challan Identification Number : This implies that Form 16A cannot be issued before depositing TDS
  • Receipt No of relevant quarterly eTDS Statement : This implies that Form 16A cannot be issued before submitting eTDS Statement.

TDS deduction Transactions

  • Before amendment, a monthly TDS certificate would contain TDS deductions made during the month. Same way yearly certificate contained TDS deductions made during the year.
  • After amendment, quarterly certificate will contain TDS deductions reported in the eTDS statement for the quarter. If for a certain reason, there is a delayed deposit the TDS deduction will appear in the quarter in which TDS is deposited and reported in eTDS Statement
TDS Deduction Date MM-DD TDS Deposit Date MM-DD Reported in eTDS Statement Before Amendment After Amendment
April 04 May 07 Q1 Monthly – April Quarterly – Q1
April 04 June 07 Q1 Monthly – April Quarterly – Q1
April 04 July 31 Q2 Monthly -April Quarterly – Q2

TDS Section wise or one for all TDS Sections ?

Before amendment , a separate certificate for each TDS section was required to be issued. Hence if a deductee is covered under two different sections, two TDS certificates needed to be issued.

After amendment, is will be sufficient compliance if one TDS certificate is issued to one deductee. In the amended form the following info needed to be shown per TDS deduction transaction

  • Amount Paid/ Credited
  • Nature of Payment
  • Date of Payment / Credit

Note : The heading given to this section “Summary of payment” is confusing . It should have been Details of Payment. The very fact that Date of Payment / Credit is being asked, goes to show that TDS  deduction entries need to be shown date wise.

Challan Identification Number

  • All Non-Govt deductors and Govt deductors depositing TDS thru challan will have to give challan identification Number wise amount deposited in respect of deductee.
  • This implies that a quarterly eTDS statement will generally contain 3 entries for each TDS section in respect of deductee.

Other differences

  • Before amendment, TDS amount, surcharge and cess was to be shown separately. After amendment total of TDS, surcharge and cess need to be shown
  • Before amendment, Cheque /DD no was required to be shown. After amendment, this is removed.
  • Before amendment, Challan Identification No / Transfer voucher was one column. After amendment there are separate requirements for TDS deposit by Govt Deductors and non-Govt Deductors.
  • In the amended form , address of commissioner (TDS) is to be mentioned

Govt Deductors

Govt deductors making TDS deposit without production of challan, will have to mention details in Form 16A

  • Receipt No of Form 24G
  • DDO Sequence Number in the Book Adjustment Mini Statement
  • Date on which tax deposited


  1. kgs says:

    what is the procedure to issue consolidated tds certificate to any party?

    Shall i create seperate tds code for different sections or

    create one party in party master, and changes to be done at the time of entry in transactions entry? pl. guide me.

  2. kgs says:

    which format to be issued to parties for Q1-10-11 i.e. old format or modified(new) format?

  3. fastfactsindia says:

    NSDL provides 8 digit reciept no. on their website for a particular qtr. The same is printed on PRN receipt provided by TIN(FY10-11 Q2 onwards). If reciept number is provided, you should update the same on Form16A else update the 15 digit PRN(Token Number)

  4. KGS says:

    In form 16A, Eight digit Alphabet or 15 digit numeric number – what should be mentioned in Receipt Number place?

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