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How to download Form 16A from TIN Web Site

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For the financial year 2011-12, it is mandatory for companies and banks to download Form 16A from TIN Website and issue only such downloaded TDS certificates to deductees. For others it is optional.

This facility has been activated in the NSDL web site

Step 1 : Login with your TAN

If you have not made online TAN registration, then it must be done immediately. You can login with TAN, login ID and password under Login->TAN Account menu

Step 2 : Request for Form 16A file

Click Form 16A file request menu. Prior to this keep eTDS statement for the desired quarter handy, as some verification questions will be asked for this request.

Select the Financial Year and Quarter for which Form 16A file is required

Two questions , one related to any one challan and another related to any 3 deductee details will have to be filled in.

You can make a request for either one PAN or all PANs

You may also download “PDF Converter” utility from the same menu.

Step 3 : Wait for file to arrive by email. This should arrive within 48 hours.

Prior to this keep the 12 digit online TAN registration number handy

The file attached to email will be a .zip file ,which will be password protected. And the password in this case is 12 digit TAN registration number.

After extracting the file you will get a .txt file

Step 4 : Covert txt file to PDF file

The java based utility can read the txt file and convert the same to Form 16A PDF format

Comments on Form 16A generated

Fast Facts tried out the whole process  for its own Q4 data and converted the txt file to PDF. Some observations

  • A unique TDS Certificate number is coming for each certificate
  • One certificate is getting generated for one PAN covering all TDS sections
  • CIT TDS name and address is automatically coming
  • Address of the Deductee is automatically coming based on the PAN database with the department
  • One additonal column Status which shows Booking status is also appearing against each line
Comments by Fast Facts
With this step, the mismatch between eTDS statement and Form 16A will be a thing of past.
The process of making request is quite simple, provided user keeps the challan and deductee details handy. In the absence of this info, the request will not be processed
The java based utility is quite simple and effective and could be useful for deductors having moderate volume of TDS certificates.
However deductors having large volume of TDS certificate and needing proper classification e.g. location wise etc will need a separate application for proper management of certificate distribution


  1. Jayasree says:

    Does the form 16A has only one Part?

  2. nilesh says:

    how to download pdf converter because 1% and 2% the downloading is fail how to solve the error

    • jitendra says:

      How to download pdf converter because 1% and 2% the downloading is fail how to solve the error.Please let me know the result of the problem.

  3. Rajeev says:

    I have my banks 10 digit TAN number .

    I also have my PAN number .

    I also have a copy of Form 26AS from my bank . The tax deducted on it is proper. There are no discrepancies , all the figures and amount are correct.

    However I don’t have any TDS certificate as the bank has not sent it to me so far.

    Can I get this TDS certificate on my own from the tax website ? Can I as a deductee view this TDS certificate or downlaod it somewhere ?

    I tried to get it online but it keeps on asking for the 6 digit TDS certificate number which I don’t have as I don’t have the TDS certificate to beging with.

    But I do have the banks TAN , my PAN , Form 26AS..so based on these 3 things ..how can I get my TDS certificate ? ..I can always ask my bank to resend it to me , but in the meantine can I download it directly from the tax or any other government website ?

    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated ..Thanks

  4. S.Prathiba Vasan says:

    Can the deductees themselves download the Form 16A from NSDL ?

  5. Jane says:

    How to solve the errors which are appearring while requesting for the TDS certificate from TIN website

  6. Mahi1389 says:

    what is 12 digit TAN registration number?

  7. Akhil Agrawal says:

    If we have filed correction statement in the case where PAN of deductee was not with ITD then in such case what is the procedure to download form16a for such correction statement

  8. Akhil Agrawal says:

    If we have filed correction statement in the case where PAN of deductee was not with ITD then in such case what is the procedure to download Form 16A for such correction statement. please answer

  9. Saravaneshwar says:

    How to consolidate the split zip file provided by NSDL for Form 16A Files.

  10. TSKM says:

    I had deposit with Canara Bank they have deducted TDS on interest
    Now bank is not issuing TDS Certificate. How can i get my TDS Certificate
    since i have to file my return before end of July ;2011.

    Kindly advice how to download the Certificate

    TS Krishnamurthy

  11. kavitha says:

    pls send me f y 2011-12 for 16a

  12. satya says:

    While requesting for Form 16a It is asking for Certificate number. Can you tell which certificate number i have to enter.

  13. Ghanshyam Jha says:

    How we can download 16A in case of no PAN of the deductee available and we have deducted tax @20%?

    • ravi says:

      for issuing form 16A PAN is mandatory. If you have deducted at 20% and want to issue 16A, ask for PAN of deductee, file correction statement and then download 16A certificate from TIN

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