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eTDS Correction : Changes effective November 2011

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Some of the common reasons why eTDS correction statements are rejected by TIN are :

  1. If a valid PAN  is changed more than once, it is rejected at the TIN.
  2. PAN though structurally valid but not found in ITD is rejected at the TIN
  3. If amount deposited is allocated to deductees over two or more quarters and the amount of such allocation exceeds deposit amount

In  all the above scenarios the FVU file will be created successfully but the same will be rejected at the TIN central system.

Changes in consolidated statement data structure

To avoid the above types of rejections, NSDL has made changes in the consolidated statement data structure. They are listed below :

  1. Deductee PAN valid flag : If the PAN is not found in Income Tax Database (ITD) then “N” will be provided under this field
  2. PAN update counter : If the counter is 2 then no modification of PAN is allowed
  3. Pending balance : For matched Challan, pending balance is the Challan amount above which the deductor cannot utilize TDS deductions

Fast Facts has incorporated the above changes in its #1 eTDS Correction utility and version 2.95 can be downloaded for the same.

With above changes, the probability of eTDS correction statements getting rejected at TIN will be further minimized.

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