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Not issued Form 16A in time ? You may get a reminder from DIT

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TDS certificate in Form 16A are to be issued for all deductions other than salary on quarterly basis.  The due date of issuing Form 16A is within 15 days of the due date of filing eTDS statement.

Income-tax department has also mandated corporates and banks to issue such certificates only after downloading Form 16A  files from TIN web site.

Tracking Downloads

It has been observed that income-tax department is tracking all downloads of form 16A . Those who have not made request for Form 16A are being sent reminder letters by the “Directorate of Income-tax Systems” . The reminder letter states…

It is noticed that you have not downloaded Form No 16A for Quarter ended Sep 2011 from the TIN Central System till 31/10/2011. Since, issue of TDS certificate in Form No 16A by downloading from TIN web site has been made mandatory from 1.4.2011 for corporate and banks , and only these are valid certificates, you are advised to download the same from the TIN web site ….”

Erroneous Reminders ?

Several deductors who are neither corporate nor banks have also received such reminders. This is possible if their status is not updated in TAN database  , or erroneous generation of letters by income-tax department.

What should be the response

If deduductor is a bank or corporate, it must immediately submit request for downloading Form 16A thru TAN login and after downloading issue the same to deductees.

For other deductors,  though it is not mandatory to download Form 16A from TIN web site,  nevertheless they have to issue Form 16A within due date. They can also download Form 16A from TIN web site at their option and issue the same to deductees.

Also if the status of TAN on TIN web site is not correct, TAN rectification form must be submitted.


  1. priya says:

    We are company in individual name the custumer are deducting tds amount from invoice amount and issuing Form16A certificate. But some of deductors failed to send Form16 A .How to send request letter to deductee?

  2. Gaurav Harish says:

    Dear sir/ma’am,

    Greetings from the Himalayas !!!

    We have deducted TDS of a party in Oct 2011 under sec. 194C (Firm-None) @ 2% & for Nov 2011 @ 10% under 194I (Firm-Rent). We have modified the party ID in TDS pac to “194I Firm-Rent.”

    Will it create any problem during filing of TDS return or will it accept the return. Please comment.

    Thank you.

  3. Nitin says:

    If Company or Bank request for Form 16A to TIN and also download from TIN website but not issue certificate to parties than what?

    • srinivas says:

      It is the responsibility of the deductors to issue form 16A on timely to the deductees. The deductees should have also follow-up for the same.,. One more thing most of the delay is happening in signing the Form manually. Any how, Since the form 16A is a system generated Form/downloaded from NSDL the manual signature is not required on the same.

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