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Form 16 Part A to be downloaded from TRACES portal

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Income-tax department has issued Circular No 04/2013 dated April 17, 2013 in respect of Form 16.

New Form 16

  • Revised Form 16 has been notified vide Notification 11/2013 dated 19.02.2013
  • Form 16 has two distinct parts
    • Part A : contains details of tax deduction and deposit
    • Part B : contains details of salary and total income
  • Form 16 has to be issued on or before May 31, 2013 in respect of Financial Year 2012-13

Procedure for Issuance

  • Form 16A , TDS in respect of other than salaries is to be issued quarterly only by downloading the same from TRACES web site. ( Circular 01/2012)
  • There was no such requirement in respect of Form 16
  • Now vide Circular 04/2013, a deductor is required to issue
    • Part A of Form 16 by downloading the same from TRACES web site
    • Part B of Form 16 is to be issued by deductor manually
  • Form 16 generated from TRACES will contain unique TDS Certificate Number
  • Form 16 by Govt. deductors, who make TDS payment by book entry , is also to be issued by generating and downloading from TRACES

Authentication of Form 16

  • Form 16 must be signed manually or using digital signature


  • Issuing Form 16 will be a challenge for deductors for FY 2012-13, as this involves two distinct parts being issued from two different sources
  • Part A will have to be generated and downloaded from TRACES. Part B will have to be prepared manually or using a third party software.
  • The deductee should not feel that two different parts are being given
  • Software vendors will have to provide utility to merge two Parts created in PDF formats  to make it easier for deductors to issue Form 16


  1. dinesh says:

    I want to learn how form 16a will download

  2. parvezalam sayyed says:

    how to download form 16

  3. Sailesh pandey says:

    dear sir,
    i want to download form 16a , what is procedure for this

  4. Zulaiha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please guide me the procedure of filling the data’s in part B of form 16.


  5. parveen sharma says:

    will fast facts provide in etds software to merge the parts a nd b ? if yes then when.

    On 5/2/13, Fast Facts :: A Thomson Reuters Business ::

  6. K Ganesh Nayak says:

    Till now this facility is not available in TRACES site , Form 16 (Part A) to be download from TDSCPC (vide notification 11/2013 dated 19/02/2013) and same to be issued to employee on or before 31st May 2013, it is very horrible/TDS JOB/Complicated/waste of time (now we are facing to download for 16A from TRACES Site) even after filing the original e return some time it is not available to download form 16A (Correction return every time its shows under process at CPC)

  7. praful says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly guide me how to issue Form-16 of employees whose tax was not deducted (below limit) for the year 2012-13.

    Praful Parmar

    • If you have filled nil return for that particular person than you will find part A form 16 on traces and if not then give him just part B, Because income tax dept does not care about such small income earners.

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