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Lost TAN Registration Number ? Re-Register

TIN web site provides for registration of TAN. This is necessary to download consolidated fvu and Form 16A files.

Many a times, users forget TAN registration details.

In our earlier blog TAN Registration Number : What to do if it is forgotten or lost, we had given a procedure to get a new registration number. This procedure has been now simplified thru a procedure or re-registration.


On re-registration, a new 12 digit TAN registration no. will be generated and the same needs to be used for future reference,

Earlier TAN registration number provided on TAN registration will no more be valid, subsequent to re-registration.

Re-registration Process

Procedure for activating TAN Account

Further, the procedure for activating the TAN account on registration/ re-registration has been changed as below:

  • On registration/ re-registration, an e-mail containing link will be sent to registered e-mail ID (s)
  • User will be required to click on the link for activating the TAN account. This link is sent for verifying the validity of e-mail ID.
  • On clicking the link, user will be prompted to provide TAN and corresponding 12 digit TAN registration number.
  • If the TAN & TAN registration number matches, then TAN account will be activated within 24 hours.
  • TAN account will be active if at least one of the e-mail ID is verified.
  • TAN account will not be activated, If the user does not click link or does not provide respective TAN and TAN registration number.
  • If user has provided two e-mail ID (s) on registration/ re-registration then the TAN account will be activated, even if the user clicks on the link (as mentioned above) sent at any one of the registered e-mail ID.
  • On activation of TAN account an e-mail containing the user ID in password protected PDF file will be sent to registered e-mail ID (s). On receipt of this e-mail, user can login to TAN account.

Existing Registered Users

  • Existing registered user will remain active i.e., it will be considered their e-mail ID (s) is verified.

Update Profile

Functionality for updating the TAN registration details vide ‘Update profile’  has been changed as below:

  • Subsequent to registration/ re-registration if the user updates the e-mail ID and other TAN registration details vide ‘Update profile’ (i.e., by logging to TAN account) then a link for verifying the e-mail ID will be sent to registered (updated) e-mail ID (s).
  • If the user has updated all the verified e-mail ID (s) then the TAN account will be deactivated and the link for verifying the e-mail ID will be sent at the updated registered e-mail ID (s).
  • On update of e-mail ID  vide “Update profile” if the user attempts to login to TAN account without clicking on the link sent for verification of e-mail ID, then the same will be allowed and menus as below will be provided on login:
    • Bulk upload of Form 15CA records
    • Update profile
    • Procedure for activating the TAN account will be same as mentioned above.
    • Under ‘Update Profile’, if the user updates details other than the e-mail, then there will be verification for e-mail ID.